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Electronic businesses definition includes all the economic relations between companies or institutions, borrowing Internet or its alternatives (Intranet, extranet).


The electronic commerce is defined as being: “the purchase and the sale of goods and services while passing by Internet network or a private network with value added (a private network using different support than Internet and offering additional functions). The whole transaction, including the delivery, or only part of its stages (search in a catalogue, orders, payment, follow-up of the delivery, etc) can be carried out electronically, the remainder is being done by the traditional methods.


The electronic business (including the e-commerce) transposes your practices and your services in an accessible universe in some clicks by your customers.


The e-business appears in two main forms:

1. The transactions between firms (“business-to-business” - B2B or “e-business between companies”) or between manufacturers and suppliers;

2. The transactions between the companies and the consumers (“business-to-consumer” - B2C).


The main advantages of the electronic business are:

· A better access to the information;

· An effective communication;

· An opening to new markets;

· A better service to the customers;

· A cost reduction.


The electronic businesses can improve the performances of your company and make it possible to add new business opportunities.


PBTEC facilitates your decision making and demystifies the technologies related with these new technologies.


Our service-councils in electronic business include in particular:

· E-Business Strategic Council

· Evaluation of electronic business opportunities

· Electronic Business Master plan

· Project planning.

· Technological opportunities studies.

· Modeling/Architecture: data, Treatments, Process.

· Businesses Analysis.

· Preliminary Analysis.

· Comparative analysis of products and services.

· Analyzes impacts on the organization and the processes.

· Development and implementation.


· Projects management.

· Supervision of subcontractors.

· Complementary resources.


PBTEC offers consulting services in the field of electronic business